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Asia is home to 3.7 billion people and as the pace of industrialisation picks up, we are now seeing the largest construction boom in history. Millions of buildings including skyscrapers, hospitals and residential high-rise suburbs are either under construction, or have been planned in Asia.

While high electricity prices is a problem faced by contractors the world over, the lack of proper power management systems is a major concern for property developers and urban planners in Asia. Asian countries such as Indonesia are often marred by power outages as demand for energy outstrips supply. With the tide of industrialisation sweeping through Asia, many developing countries are now facing an energy crisis, leading to an estimated 10% of total construction value to be spent on modern electricity distribution and management. While the governments in these countries are scrambling to find more sources of energy to provide for the construction of new buildings, environmental activists the world over are calling for Asia to adopt a less energy-intensive and more energy-efficient approach towards industrialisation.

As temperatures in Asian countries remain high throughout the year, the urbanisation of these countries requires careful climatic planning to provide a comfortable environment for the residents. The use of air-conditioners to provide cooler living and working conditions has seen the rise of air-conditioner sales. With urbanisation occurring throughout the many developing countries in Asia, the need for modern energy management equipment and energy saving air-conditioning is expected to increase. Therefore, the demand for high quality air-conditioning systems, which are environmentally-friendly presents new opportunities for us both in the area of gas-replacement and also in the installation of new air-conditioning systems, which are compliant with the new standards.

The construction and urbanisation needs of the two most populous countries in the world, China and India, spell good news for companies in the electronic switchgear and industrial air-conditioner manufacturing, installing and servicing businesses. As these and other developing countries prepare themselves for a massive industrial revolution that will see the widespread urbanisation of rural areas, the demand for efficient power management and air-conditioning will be massive, and we are well poised to capture this demand.

Following our success in Singapore, we have expanded regionally and we now have operations in both China and India. Our enviable track record is the result of professional management, as well as technical expertise. With these strengths, we are now respected as an effective, efficient and reliable company that is financially well-managed.

Our involvement in the design and construction of power and temperature control systems in local highly acclaimed industrial parks and residential properties further allows us to stand out from our competitors in other Asian markets.