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Our Group continues to blaze a trail in Singapore, with our excellent reputation for quality, reliability and constant in-depth expansion into the domestic market. An emphasis on customer relationships and a pragmatic and active approach to solving and responding to customers’ needs has ensured a steady stream of repeat customers for us. Furthermore, constant updating of integrated products and services has helped ensure that our customers receive a comprehensive solution for their needs. All these combined have helped us to stay ahead of the rest of the competition.

In a recent analysis of local market trends, our Group has identified several growth drivers:

  • Anticipated continued trend of high economic growth at approximately 7% per annum is leading to a construction and refurbishment boom in Singapore.
  • Anticipated increase in per capita GDP will raise consumers’ average purchasing power leading to higher air-conditioner sales due to the hot and humid climate.
  • The upgrading of many commercial and residential estates will result in the routine testing, maintenance, and replacement of switchgears, as it is the industry practice to replace switchgears every 15-20 years.
  • The Singapore government launched many physical upgrading exercises for HDB flats in recent years, and the Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP) is the most recent project. With the potentially large number of HDB flats affected, there will be a respective increase in demand for switchgear and switchgear-related equipment.
  • The trend towards the use of environmentally-friendly air-conditioning systems provides an opportunity for us in the area of gas-replacement, and also in the installation of new air-conditioning systems which are compliant with new environmental standards.
  • Fluctuations in electricity prices are expected to result in overhauls of switchgears in older buildings to allow for more efficient electricity allocation.
Air-conditioning Projects
Hilltop Condo 2008
Nanyang Polytechnic 2008
Whitley Complex 2008
Varsity Park Condo 2008
Changi International Airport 2008
130 Cantoment Road 2008
Scotts High Park Condo 2008
The Stellar Condo 2008
62 Sungei Kadut 2007
Changi Airport (Terminal 1, 2 & 3) 2006
Rex House at Bukit Timah Road 2006
Anglo Chinese School - Oldham Hall 2006
Singapore Cruise Centre Linkway 2005
Airfreight Terminal Building at Airport Cargo Road 2005
Anglo Chinese School (International) 2004
Monterey Park Condo 2003
Changi Airport 2001
Nanyang Girls Boarding House 1998
Singapore Cruise Centre 1998
Singapore Power Building @ Somerset 1997
Singapore Buddhist Lodge @ Kim Yan Road 1995